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Stigma Associated with Financial Difficulties

Bankruptcy Lawyer Jupiter FL

Stigma Associated with Financial Difficulties:  What is going to happen to me?  What will other people think of me?

There is a self-imposed prison available to anyone of us at anytime.  It is a perception of others perceiving our behavior and judging us based upon our own conceptions of their perceptions.   Although attempting express this condition in a blog is a difficult task and may come across as almost psycho-babble and circular, many clients make decisions based upon this self imposed prison.  It can make it very difficult to move forward and deal with some very difficult financial decisions.  Many times the situation continues to worsen and the prison walls close in tighter.  As time passes, the perception grows worse and the external pressure of the financial stress increase.

It is important to know there is a solution and it is not as horrific as usually imagined.  I do understand how this occurs (I wouldn’t be human, if I didn’t).  The solution lies not only in addressing the financial issues, but also knowing how it occurred to begin with.  It is also important to understand that our perception of what others perceive us to be our simply that.  Our own beliefs, feelings, and thoughts manifesting themselves through what we believe others to be thinking.

Why am I even mentioning this at all?  The point I am trying to make is three-fold.  When you are in a difficult financial position, do something about it.  It is important to take the proactive first step instead of letting the situation continue to attack you financially and psychologically.   Call a Lawyer in Jupiter Florida willing to help you.  My name is Randall “Randy” Fischer.  I can help.

The second point is I understand how difficult the decision can be to file for Bankruptcy in Jupiter FL.  Don’t let what you don’t know or your perceptions hurt you.  Call my office and schedule an appointment.  The first consultation is free.

Finally, you do have more choices than you may be aware.  We can discuss all options regarding whether to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, a chapter 7 Bankruptcy or work on debt settlement.  We can discuss the tax consequences of debt settlement vs. Bankruptcy.  We can strategically plan your financial future, reviewing your assets and liabilites.

If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, give me a call.

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