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Fresh Start

Getting a Fresh Start in Stuart, Port St. Lucie and Jupiter FL

The Spiral of Credit Card Debt

It is so difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel when caught in the deep morass of overwhelming debt. It begins with self-deception.  This may or may not be a conscience rationalization.  The dream that something will change and your income will all of a sudden climb or you will hit the lottery.  You want to keep a positive outlook on life.  However, in reality, you find yourself making the minimum payments on credit cards and watching the balances grow due to the high interest rates.  Then you start taking cash advances to pay other bills.  After receiving numerous card offers, you take on an additional credit card or two and transfer the credit balances from one card to another to “take advantage of the better interest rate.”  Of course, there is the one time transfer fee (3% to 5%), but with the lower interest rate, you rationalize the payments will be more affordable.  Then something happens to the car or you or someone in your family gets sick or you feel as though you deserve to do something nice for yourself and now you need to access the line of credit on the card you just transferred.  You should be able to pay it back.  You will be getting a raise soon…Well, it just doesn’t work-out that way and now you have even more credit card debt.

After the balances have been maxed-out, then it gets really difficult.  When the payments become overwhelming, the phone calls begin and coping skills go out the window.  At first, you may begin to negotiate with creditors, but they don’t stop calling.  There is just not enough money.  No longer are you able to answer your phone: all calls must be screened.  The constant phone calls go from annoying and tiresome to downright depressing.  The mailman is no longer perceived as friendly.  He is the harbinger of bad news and the mail now arrives certified return receipt.  Ironically, it really doesn’t matter what form the notices arrive because opening the mail is no longer appealing.  Large piles of mail begin to accumulate and every time you see one of these likening towers, it is a reminder of the depressing mess you have made of your life.  When someone knocks on the door you have to check and see who it is even though you have no intention of answering.  You want them to believe you are not home and quickly turn down the television.  You have become a prisoner in your own home.  Other concerns creep into your thinking: judgments, repossessions, IRS, foreclosure and/or evictions.  It becomes overwhelming and is a very dangerous mental trap.

The impact from the financial obligations goes well beyond mere economics.  There are physiological and psychological and social consequences that can potentially lead to life threatening conditions.  As your debts begin to mount and your ability to satisfy the creditors falter, you begin to feel anxious, angry, and trapped.  You may blame the creditors or others for the situation.  There is an erosion in your self-esteem. You may begin to drink more alcohol more frequently to escape the financial morass only to wake-up the next day with the same bills, hang-over and maybe some unintended consequences (DUI, Battery, Domestic Situation, etc.).  As the financial pressures continue, you no longer appreciate your job because you are not paid enough.  Your spouse is unreasonable and no one understands the pressure.  Some escape the home to avoid dealing with the pressure from a spouse or family members.  Others isolate in their rooms and lock the world outside.  No matter which situation, you can be in a room of people and feel all alone.  If you are drinking and using other substances, the results can be much worse.  Stress and anxiety can take a severe toll on your body, affecting your immune system, circulatory system, nervous system etc…  Social situations which were once familiar change.  The issue ultimately is not a change in the social situation; it is a change in you and your perceptions.  You may ultimately attempt to distance yourself from these social situations, ending up in places you would have previously thought abhorrent. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is important to know that there is a solution.

Fresh Start

Coming into my office will afford you the opportunity to assess and address the issues which may have been holding you back.  I will evaluate your situation and together we will formulate a strategy that will effectively address your underlying financial difficulties and give you a fresh start.  If you are facing financial difficulties and live in Stuart, Port St. Lucie or Jupiter Florida and need help, please give me a call.  My name is Randall Fischer and I am a lawyer in Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and Jupiter, FL.  The video below details the importance of getting a fresh start.  Thank you and I look forward to helping you move forward in your life.




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