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Slip and Fall Lawyer Port St. Lucie FL

Slip and Fall Lawyer Port St. Lucie FL

Nobody, in their right mind, ever plans on walking into a business establishment and injuring themselves, but accidents do happen and sometimes the results can be quite serious.  A slip, trip, and/or fall in a business can result in some very serious injuries.  The injuries sustained can result in severe pain and suffering, long term medical treatment, loss of employment and other associated consequences.

It is so important to preserve evidence when you are involved in an accident.  That means making sure there are pictures, witnesses and reports completed.  The following has happen more often than I would care to mention.  A client slips, trips and falls in a local business as a result of the business’s negligence.  Instead of calling for a manager to have the incident documented, the client is embarrassed and leaves.

Later that day or the next, they realize they have sustained a severe injury.  Instead of only a bruise, they actually had a concussion or they tore a ligament or dislocated their spine or ruptured a disc.  The problem now is proof.  There is no report of the incident occurring at the business establishment.  There are no witnesses and, even if there were, they would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to track down.   The hazard which caused your injury may no longer be there.  The case is no longer viable.

If you slip, trip and/or fall at a business, make sure there is a report filed.  Injuries from slips, trips and falls are not always immediately evident.  If you fall, get help.

If you fallen in a local business establishment and need a Lawyer in Port St. Lucie Florida, give my office a call.  We offer a free 15 minute office consultation.  You can also call my office and speak to me directly regarding your situation.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my website.  I hope this has been helpful.

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